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May 27, 2017
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Remembering Our Fallen Brothers




Captain William Davis 6/11/1894
Apr 12, 2013
At this time in our history it is seven years before the department becomes a total paid fire department, the individual volunteer companies had organized and have paid permanant men at each house.   Captain William Davis was a permanant man of the Franklin Engine Company on N. Hyde Park Ave.
Assistant Chief James J. O'Malley 1/20/1899
Apr 12, 2013
Assistant Chief James J. O'Malley was part of the fire department two years before the incorporation of the paid department.  He reponded to Box 41 at the corner of Hickory St. and S. Washington Ave.  He was informerd that there was a fire on First St. which at that time ran parallel to S. Washington Ave, this street does not exist today.
Firefighter Philip Biel 1911
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Philip Biel of Engine Co. 4 died in 1911, the exact date is unknown. He was riding on the horse drawn Engine Co. 4 to a false alarm in South Scranton. The apparatus turned a corner and Biel was struck by a ladder that shifted, throwing him into a service pole. Biel suffered a fractured skull and died.
Captain Henry W. Hines 1/1/1912
Apr 12, 2013
Captain Henry W. Hines of Engine Co. 4 died on January 1, 1912.  He responded to a fire in the Little England (near Ash St.) section which occurred on December 21 1911. He was driving the chief’s car, the only automobile in the department at that time, and got wet while fighting the fire.
Firefighter John Owens 4/29/1913
Apr 12, 2013
Firefghter John Owens of Hose Co. 4 died on April 29, 1913. He responded with his company to an alarm in at 402 Depot St. in North Scranton and had returned to his station.  Hose Co. 4 was summoned about an hour later for a rekindle of the fire.
Firefighter Philip Biehl 11/22/1913
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Philip Biehl of Engine Co. 4 died on November 22, 1913.  On April 10, 1913 he responded to a false alarm at Harrison Ave. and Vine St. and was struck by the apparatus of Hose Co. 9.
Firefighter Christian Thauer 12/4/1913
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Christian Thauer of Chemical Co. 3 died on December 4, 1913.  A few days earlier Thauer was struck in the leg by a wheel of the horse drawn apparatus of Chemical Company No. 3.  While on duty at the station he fell unconscious to the floor, the captain and men of the company called the fire bureau physician who arrived quickly.
Firefighter Edward J. Conway 2/4/1916
Feb 03, 2016
Firefighter Edward Conway worked at Hose Co. 3 at 332 Fifth Ave.  Edward worked during the time when our department had one shift of paid firefighters who worked a twenty one hour shift.  On February 4, 1916 while on duty around 3:30 am he awoke with pain in his stomach and told the other members of the company about it.
Fire Inspector Harry L. Reese 2/2/1920
Apr 12, 2013
Fire Inspector Harry L. Reese died February 2, 1920. Inspector Reese died as result of the influenza pandemic when during the course of his duties he became ill with the deadly virus and died. Many precautions were taken by the city at this time for example, public funerals were not allowed as it was feared the disease could be further spread.
Firefighter Stanley R. Thomas 2/28/1922
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Stanley R.Thomas of Engine Co. 4 died Feruary 28, 1922.  He responded to a fire at the Apollo Garage 211-213 N. Main Ave on February 16, 1922.  He fell ill and was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with pleurisy and pneumonia and never recovered.
Firefighter Francis Noll 12/1/1924
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Francis “Frank” Noll of Engine Co. 2 died on December 1, 1924.  He was off of work with an illness, after a doctors exanimation he was ordered back to work.  He returned to his post on December 1, 1924 and responded to a fire at 123-125 Prospect Avenue that same day.
Captain F.E. Wilcox 1/2/1927
Apr 12, 2013
Captain Florence “Frank” Elwood “F.E.” Wilcox of Truck Co. 2 died on January 2, 1927.  He had responded to a two alarm fire at Saint Lucie’s School 115 N. Chestnut Ave. on October 27, 1926.
Lieutenant Hugh A. Flaherty 8/25/1932
Apr 12, 2013
Lieutenant Hugh A. Flaherty of Engine Co. 9 died August 25, 1932.  He responded to a second alarm fire at the Schlesser Automobile Paint Shop Scranton St. and Chestnut Ave., he was working on the first floor wetting down hot spots.
Firefighter Edward Thomas 1/4/1934
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Edward Thomas of Engine Co. 9 died January 4, 1934.  He had responded to a two alarm fire at the Home Furniture Company 322 Lackawanna Ave., he was on a ground ladder operating a hose line into a third floor window in the front of the building.
Lieutenant John Reese 11/2/1936
Apr 12, 2013
Lieutenant John Reese of  Hose Co. 3 died on November 2, 1936. He was returning to the station from a false alarm.  He collapsed onto the driver who pulled the apparatus over, Lieutenant Reese was carried to a nearby store and a doctor was called. He had had past away before they could arrive.
Lieutenant Fred Snyder 11/15/1938
Apr 12, 2013
Lieutenant Fred Snyder of Hose Co. 5 died on November 15, 1938.  Firefighter Snyder was working at the station having a conversation with his fellow firefighters when he lost consciousness and slumped into a chair. Two nearby doctors rushed to his aid but were unable to revive him.
Engineer William C. Richards 9/13/1940
Apr 12, 2013
Engineer William C. Richards of Engine Co. 4 died on September 13, 1940.  On October 23, 1939 Engineer Richards was fighting a fire on October 23, 1939 at the Diamond City Beef Company located at 816 W. Lackawanna Ave. Fifteen firefighters were injured while fighting the blaze, only two were reported in the newspaper.
Lieutenant William H. Jones 2/6/1943
Apr 12, 2013
Lieutenant William H. Jones of Hose Co. 9 died February 6, 1943. Lieutenant Jones was working at the station of Hose Co. 9, while performing his daily work routine he began to hemorrhage. A nearby doctor was summoned immediately but Jones died within a few minutes of the hemorrhage.
Firefighter Edward Kotzwinkle 12/24/1943
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Edward Kotzwinkle of Hose Co. 5 died December 24, 1943. He responded to a University of Scranton building on the corner of Mulberry St. and Wyoming Ave. While fighting a multiple alarm fire, Firefighter Kotzwinkle was overcome and taken to the State Hospital for exhaustion and injuries related to smoke inhalation. He died as a result of a heart attack.
Captain Thomas Evans 4/30/1944
Apr 12, 2013
Captain Thomas Evans of Engine Co. 3 died on April 30, 1944. He was fighting a large brush fire in the 200 block of Newton Road, when the fire was out he was returning to the engine and collapsed to the ground. The fire fighters tried to revive him but could not, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.
Captain William Graff 6/15/1947
Apr 12, 2013
Captain William Graff of Engine Co. 2 died on June 15, 1947.  On June 12, 1947 Engine Co. 2 was dispatched to a box alarm at Wyoming Ave. and Linden St. While going to the apparatus floor he fell down the stairs and landed on the concrete floor at the bottom of the stairwell.
Engineer John H. Davis 11/7/1947
Apr 12, 2013
Engineer John H. Davis of Engine Co. 9 died on November 7, 1947. On November 1, 1947 he responded to a four alarm fire at the Chappelle Building 1910-1914 N. Main Ave. While coupling a hose to the apparatus he suffered a heart attack.  He was taken to the State Hospital where he died six days later.
Firefighter William Roberts 4/9/1948
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter William Roberts died on April 9, 1948 while on night tour at fire headquarters.  He passed of a heart attack just before it was time to change shifts.  William was always up early to meet the firefighters who were coming on duty, that morning when they did not see him they went to check on him and found him unresponsive.  A doctor was called and pronounced him dead.
Firefighter George Miller 3/21/1949
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter George Miller of Engine Co. 4 died March 21, 1949.  Firefighter Miller was backing the chief's car into Fire Headquarters,  returning from fighting a multiple alarm fire at Howard's Furniture located at Cedar Ave. and Hickory St.  Firefighter Miller was found dead resulted from smoke inhalation.
Engineer George Blackledge 1/15/1950
Aug 04, 2016
On December 1, 1949 Engineer Blackledge responded with Engine Co. 8 to a house fire at 1208 Monsey Ave. A short circuit in a home refrigerator was the cause of the fire, firefighters removed the unit from the home when Engineer Blackledge was exposed to gas fumes being released from the refrigerator. A woman in the home was taken from the scene and treated for exposure to the chemical. As result of the chemical release Engineer Blackledge developed an illness which required hospitalization. After a short stay at Mercy Hospital he succumbed to his injury.
Captain Fred Keiper 4/22/1956
Apr 12, 2013
Captain Fred Keiper of Engine Co. 2 died April 22, 1956. He was battling a fire at Cedar Ave. and Alder St. when he was overcome by smoke, died as a result of injuries related to smoke inhalation.
Firefighter William M. Durkin 2/7/1959
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter William M. Durkin of Hose Co. 8 died on February 7, 1959.  On December 29, 1958 he was operating the apparatus and responded to a box alarm at W. Locust St. and S. Sixth Ave. The fire was a grass fire and Hose co. 8 was not needed when they arrived.
Lieutenant Aloysius Grzywinski 10/29/1959
Apr 12, 2013
Lieutenant Aloysius Grzywinski was found on duty in the Captains and Lieutenants office of Fire Headquarters.
Firefighter Robert J. Legg 1/21/1973
Apr 12, 2013
Firefighter Robert J. Legg of Engine Co. 1 died on January 21, 1973. On April 14, 1972 he responded to a fire at 709-711 and 713-715 Adams Ave.  He was riding on the tailboard of the engine. They were in the process of laying a supply line from a hydrant, as the hose was being deployed from the hosebed a coupling struck Firefighter Legg knocking him to the ground.
Chauffeur Edward J. Poch 3/1/1977
Apr 12, 2013
Chauffeur Edward J. Poch of Truck Co. 1 died March 1, 1977.  In 1966 or 1967 he responded to an alarm at the Chamberlain Manufacturing Company on Cedar Ave.  He was operating the aerial when the ladder came in contact with high voltage electrial wires.  Because of the severity of his injuries he would have to retire from the department.
Lieutenant John Buchner 11/4/1981
Apr 12, 2013
Lieutenant John Buchner of Amblulance #23 died November 4, 1981 on Interstate 81. He responded with his partner Ralph Borgia to a call of someone who jumped off the River St. bridge onto the south bound lane of the highway. Lieutenant Buchner was struck by a passing automobile while trying to reach the victim.
Captain James L. Robeson 1/6/2008
Apr 12, 2013
Captain James L. Robeson of Truck Co. 2 died January 6, 2008 at a fire at 808-810 Ash St.  Captain Robeson was in the platform of the aerial, as he swung the ladder to the structure it came near a high voltage power line.  Captain Robeson was electrocuted when the power line arched.
Firefighter Timothy Murray 1/23/2012
Apr 12, 2013
Tim (Mur) was a great fireman and a great friend, he started his career on 11/2/1990 and spent most of his time on C-shift (The Untouchables).   He spent much of his time working out of fire headquarters and was always one of those fireman who worked hard and lead by example.

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